The fundamental mission of The Vijay Armitraj Foundation is to bring hope

As an Indian sports icon and humanitarian with a name recognized all over the world, many would say as much as any Indian with the exception of Mahatma Gandhi, Vijay has devoted his entire adult life to helping others. Bring healing and aid to the defenseless and the innocent victims of disease, tragedy and circumstance in India and around the world. So much so that he became a UN Messenger of Peace. He is so much the face of India to the rest of the world, especially in the west because during the era he played in and was consistently in the Top ten of the rankings, and a time when the US men were a dominate force and were regularly winning (often competing against fellow Americans) in the top of the tennis rankings and in winning (or playing in the finals) the four Grand Slams. As a beloved symbol of India as an individual who in the eyes of the International world is viewed as an exceptionally humble and kind individual, Vijay was selected by his fellow Indian Olympians to carry the Olympic Torch at Seoul and proudly lead the India contingent. This humanitarian diplomat has been honored with the prestigious Pierre Coubertin Award by the United Nations in Paris. And today many noteworthy individuals associated with the Foundation, including world leaders, Statesmen, Business Leaders, and Philanthropists, like former Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton, and actor and humanitarian Sidney Poitier, amongst others, have been recognized over the years by the Vijay Amritraj Foundation Humanitarian Award. The Vijay Amritraj Foundation Corporate Citizenship Award has been presented to: American Airlines, Sony Entertainment Television, S. Ramodarai of Tata Consultancy Services & Tata Elxsi Britannia of the Amritraj Tennis Academy, which assists deserving tennis players by providing training, funding, and even boarding and lodging. The spirit and aim of his foundation can be summed up with this quote from Mr. Armitraj, "Since my appointment as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, I have seen firsthand the magnitude of plight and suffering that exists around us. The more I saw, the more it became obvious to me that something had to be done to help millions who continue to succumb to disease, tragedy and circumstance."


Wade's World Foundation

The Wade's World Foundation (WWF), founded by Dwyane Wade in 2003, works to provide support to community-based organizations that promote education, health and social skills for children in at-risk situations. WWF is dedicated to its vision of empowering the underserved core communities of Chicago, Milwaukee, and the South Florida areas. His emphasis on community involvement continues in WWF’s programs, which promote the education of health, literacy, and fatherhood. With Dwyane recently joining the Chicago Bulls, Wade's World Foundation has been helping in areas such as joining other local groups fight holiday hunger in Chicago. Another annual example is the LIVE TO DREAM program, whose mission is to support youth in underserved communities through exposure to an array of diverse activities, education, and training to ignite, expand, and nurture the raw talents, abilities and aspirations of our young people. The goal of the program is to create campuses across the nation starting in Chicago with three areas identified due to the disadvantage. The result is to effect generations to come in the community and to satisfy the need of the entire family. The LIVE TO DREAM program was developed in part to assist the City of Chicago in their continued efforts to decrease the violence and fatalities by providing safe havens and high quality programming for youth. In 2011, WWF, Pastor Jolinda Wade, and New Creation Binding and Loosing Ministries Int'l, responded to the increasing number of violence and rapid growing death rate amongst the youth community in Chicago. Part of the activation was Wade's World Foundation, Pastor Wade and NCABALM partnered and hosted a free 6 week summer program designed toward the youth in the community in need of a structured, safe quality program during the summer months. In 2013, the program focused transitioned to bringing global awareness to the need of quality recreational facilities and programs that will provide resources for youth to help make their dreams come true. – The LIVE TO DREAM Program. All great programming deserves a fresh innovative facility. For the LIVE TO DREAM program, New Creation Binding and Loosing Ministries Int'l is that place. NCBALM is home to a 56,000 square feet building of which three-fourths of the space has been dedicated to the development of the Live To Dream Center. The building was purchased by Dwyane Wade shortly after his mother became an ordained minister. He recognized and identified her ability to change lives and give hope to others through the life she now lives that is filled with passion for positive change, and her miraculous testimony. Pastor Wade continues to share the testimony of her past worldwide, and the indispensable CHOICE she made to LIVE and DREAM.


Retief Goosen Charitable Foundation

The Retief Goosen Charitable Foundation was created so charities the Goosen family is passionate about in South Africa and around the world could be assisted. A reason the foundation has a global perspective is because as a professional golfer, Retief has been received with opens arms throughout his travels, in addition to seeing firsthand major issues plaguing specific regions. The Goosen’s foundation only funds charities that can support themselves, and focuses on group charities as opposed to individual causes. Retief is also a member of South Africa Disabled Golf Association (SADGA) , the Kenako Golf & Sports Academy, and the Make A Difference Foundation (MAD) , which ironically was founded in 2003 by Francois Pienaar, the father of fellow vintner and rugby star, Ruan Pienaar.(See Gallery) MAD focuses on leadership development through education.